​​​​The Joint Fire Brigade (GB) was founded in 1998 by the municipalities of Rotterdam and Rozenburg and the Cooperative Industrial Fire Brigade with Excluded Liability (CIBUA). The municipality of Rozenburg has now been merged into the municipality of Rotterdam. The CIBUA is a cooperative in which about 65 companies are united that are "members" of the GB.

The GB is a fire service organization with a double task: on the one hand, the GB is the company fire brigade of many companies in the Rotterdam port and industrial area and, on the other hand, the GB provides public fire service in the Rotterdam port and industrial area, as well as in the residential areas of Hoogvliet, Rozenburg. and Pernis. This makes the GB a public/private partnership.

The GB specializes in combating industrial incidents and thus limits the material, financial and environmental damage for our stakeholders. Furthermore, the GB wants to continuously improve and disseminate its industrial expertise within and outside its catchment area. More than 300 GB colleagues feel passionate about their work and are involved with their customers. Professionalism, transparency and involvement form the basis of our quality and success.

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